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Land in the RAINforest

Community members of the Shipibo Conibo Indigenous People conducting surveillance and control of indigenous lands.

About Shipibo Conibo and
Cacataibo Indigenous Communities

The Ucayali Region is located in the central part of eastern Peru, with an approximate area of 105 082.69 km2, is the second region, after the Loreto Region, to introduce greater extent. Politically bounded on the north by the Loreto Region; on the south by the Regions of Junín, Cusco and Madre de Dios; on the west by the Huánuco and Pasco regions; on the east by the State of Acre – Brazil.

It is divided into 4 provinces: Padre Abad, Coronel Portillo and Atalaya Purus; for a total of 15 districts. It has 432,000 inhabitants, according to the National Census of 2007. In Ucayali live 14 ethnic families with a population of 40 thousand people, representing 12 percent of total amazonian indigenous population. The project is developed in 07 native communities belonging to ethnic Cacataibo and Shibipo Conibo, which grouped occupy an area of 127,004.0 hectares. The purpose of the project is to conserve the forests of these communities from the advance of deforestation and degradation.

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Progress Monitoring report
FSC Certificate GFA-FM/COC-001288


km2 area

Under better management of natural resources.

km2 area

Better biophysical conditions within the lands of indigenous


Indigenous families with
improved livelihoods and economic benefits.


Sustainable businesses developed by indigenous communities.