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Stellar Offsets

We provide a simple way to make voluntary, negative emissions contributions,
via high integrity nature based  projects on the blockchain. 

Each CARBON token represents 1 tonne of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions that have been reduced, avoided, or sequestered by a verified carbon offset project, and which will not be released into the atmosphere.

Offset projects

Your  offset amount

How to fund

Kilograms of carbon stored on the Stellar Network

Verified Carbon Units, auditable.
Verify the total amount of CARBON available in the CARBON Pool on Verra.

Verify the transactions and the supply of available CARBON on

Verify the total amount of CARBON retired into the CARBON Sink on Verra.

Verify the transactions and the amount of  CarbonSINK on


Would you like to estimate your CARBON emissions?

These numbers are for demonstrational purposes only.  Please get in touch for an accurate estimate.

CARBON Stellar trustline QR Code

A CARBON trustline is automatically set up during the first purchase.

Why Offset?

If you are not using renewable power, energy to power computers used to run blockchains and everything else produces greenhouse gases that are contributing to rapid climate change and the collapse of biodiversity. After reducing your carbon emissions, you can offset the remainder to support carbon projects.

What are carbon offsets?

By facilitating carbon offsets from Stellarcarbon you are supporting projects that result in either; avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases (such as avoiding forest destruction) or, drawing down green house gases out of the atmosphere (such as planting and growing trees).


Are all carbon offsets the same?

All offsets are not equal as they can come from very different projects.  We source our offsets from REDD+ projects which are accredited forest protection from Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation.

What are voluntary carbon offsets?

Rather than waiting for your government to set a price on carbon, undertake a carbon audit and waste a lot of time, you can simply estimate your carbon footprint and fund voluntarily offsets for your estimated emissions. 

Stellar Entities Storing CARBON

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Where to Buy?

Winner of Stellar Community Fund round 11

Please follow us on Twitter @stellarcarbon for an upcoming announcement on purchase options. If you happen to run Stellar-core or Horizon, we’d like to hear from you!

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